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An Original Graphic Novel

Disclaimer: What you see here is NOT the finished product! And all artwork and stories are subject to change.

Three's A Crowd

A soft-hearted cowboy and his new young helper pursue fulfilling a job for their employer. It's a long ride together and they are both stuck with one another.

Tittle Coming Soon!

Panel Add.tif

Story title, synopsis, and preview reveal is in the works!



The Story

No offense, but I don’t care about you or comics. A little harsh, I know, as we have just met but at this stage, while I'm creating these stories, all I care about is the storytelling. The writing, the illustrations, and the characters. Not the genre, not comics, not a fanbase. I need to create something honest and true to myself, and I can't do that with you gabbing in my ear all day!

What about you? What do you get out of it?

Once the stories are done and I've already given you the bird and said I don't care what you think, well I actually DO! Tricked ya! I'm an insecure artist! Now that I've created something that I believe in and that I believe is worth selling you, I want to find a way to give you a great product. Give you as much content as possible and a great experience. So I'll be connecting with you all through social media and interacting on a personal basis to figure out how to get this product well made and in your hands!


So how do I plan on doing that? Giving you a product that will last in your bookshelf and in your heart? Kickstarter. Yeah, I'm gonna do a Kickstarter. I figure this is the best way to get the product created and into your hands. I will share that my focus is on the stories. So any chance I have to give you more interesting storytelling and artwork I will take it over things like buttons and trinkets. Though I do want to cater to you collectors out there as well. But we will cross that bridge when you get to it. 

Follow to keep up to date

I will be posting on all social media so follow the links to see where I'm at and be sure to comment and send me a message. Go check out my subreddit at r/TalesOfTheWest to be a part of the cool crowd. Thank you and let's chat soon!

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